Sign Up For Our Speakers BureauBCCOC has established a Speakers Bureau to provide access to speakers on business related topics. Participation of speakers is limited to representatives of companies who are members in good standing of the Burlington County Chamber of Commerce. Topics must be of business nature and you must demonstrate some level of expertise on the topic.

The Chamber reserves the right to refuse participation by any proposed speaker at its discretion. Approved speakers will be listed on the chamberís website where the Burlington County community can access the information and contact speakers they are interested in directly. Please note that this is not a promotional or sales opportunity. It is an opportunity to provide education to civic and other organizations that seek speakers for their professional meetings.


First Name:
Last Name: LaVan 
Company Title:  President
Company: LaVan Law
Address: 11 W Main Street
City: Moorestown
State: NJ
Zip:  08057
Phone:   856-235-4079
Email:  julie@jlavanlaw.com

Topic Description:  Woman in business, environmental matters such as wetlands and pollution, proper entity formation and ways to protect assets. 

Presentation Description: Varies for presentation

Experience: E
nvironmental and business litigation and owner of The Law Office of Julie A. LaVan  
First Name:
Last Name: 
Company Title:  Vice President
Company: Lighthouse Business Group
Address: 143 Dorchester Drive
City: East Windsor
State: NJ
Zip:  08520
Phone:   609-556-8712
Email:  jonlbgnj@gmail.com

Topic Description:  Leadership Principles Learned in Martial Arts

Presentation Description: I have been involved in martial arts for over 25 years and actively teach on the side. The principles I've learned in martial arts have helped me immensely in business ventures, as well as all other aspects of life. For the talk, I would discuss how attributes such as leadership, courage, integrity, adaptability, ethics, etc. were learned through martial arts and applied successfully in both business and life. 

I have a 9th degree black belt in Bujinkan Martial Arts awarded from the Grandmaster in Tokyo, Japan.  

First Name: Howard
Last Name: Yermish 
Company Title:  President
Company: HowardYermish.com LLC
Address: 100 Technology Way, Suite 245 
City: Mount Laurel 
State: NJ
Zip:  08054 
Phone: 856-316-7510  
Email: howard@howardyermish.com

Topic Description: 
Topics include: Your Business on Facebook, LinkedIn Power Session, What in the Heck it Twitter?, Online Marketing Day of Thunder, Social Media Productivity, There's a Business App for That, Online Marketing for Retail Businesses, Social Networks For/In Your Organization, Internet Marketing 101, Facebook Publicity & Privacy. 

Presentation Description: Howard Yermish presents topics, such as Internet strategy, social networks, and productivity, in a way that engages the audience by making it relevant, rather than just "gee whiz isn't this cool." Howard also presents corporate workshops, with topics customized to your organization. 

Experiences: Howard is a frequent presenter to a wide variety of audiences including the American Marketing Association Philadelphia Chapter, Association of Fundraising Professionals Greater Philadelphia Chapter, BizBuzz On-Demand Business Conference, Burlington County Chamber of Commerce, Camden County Regional Chamber of Commerce, Greater Philadelphia Senior Executive Group, International Society of Special Events Greater Philadelphia Chapter, Key Executive Group, National Association of Women Business Owners, New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants, Philadelphia Business Journal, Rotary International Chapters, Women of Wit and Wisdom, and the passing cars on Technology Way. 

First Name: Ellen
Last Name: Guarnieri 
Company Title:  President and CEO 
Company: Comprehensive Healthcare Strategies 
Address: 28 Harvest Lane 
City: Medford 
State: NJ
Zip:  08055 
Phone:  609-654-0402 
Mobile Phone: 609-678-7821 
Email: Eguarnieri@chcstrategies.org 
Topic Description: Building a First-Rate Company Culture 

Presentation Description: This program covers the importance of culture to a company's success, the leadership imperative to tramsmit and embed a successful culture. 

Experiences: Over 25 years experience leading large hospital organizations; have lectured on this topic at several organizations and events including the HCap National Conference in Washington DC (reference www.hcapconference.com) November 2009. 

First Name: Harry
Last Name: Scheyer 
Company Title: Partner 
Pinnacle Financial Advisors, LLC 
Address: 11000 Lincoln Drive West, Suite 8
City: Marlton 
State: NJ
Zip:  08053 
Phone: 856-797-8082  x223  

Topic Description: Roth IRA Conversion in 2010 

Presentation Description: Presentation covers the benefits and drawbacks of Roth IRA conversions. A Roth conversion is not suitable for everyone, though in the right situation, it can be very beneficial. The 45 minute presentation, which covers all aspects including conversion traps and tax planning, can be customized.

Experiences: Harry is a CPA with 35 years experience as well as a Certified Financial Planner. He began Pinnacle Financial Advisors wealth management business in 1991. Harry has served as a member of the board of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) and has been recognized by Worth Magazine as one of their recommended advisors. 

First Name: Bill
Last Name: Silverman
Company Title:  Owner
Company: AdviCoach
Address: 12 Lavenham Ct.
City: Cherry Hill
State: NJ
Zip: 080803
Phone:  856-751-1989
Mobile Phone: 609-313-2291
Fax: 866-755-7620
Email: bsilverman@advicoach.com

Topic Description: Bill Silverman is a business coach and owner of AdviCoach business coaching of Cherry Hill. Bill helps business owners who aren't satisfied with their business results or are tired of owning a business that runs their life. Bill presents to associations and other groups of small business owners to help members build their businesses and and better balance their business with their life. 

Presentation Description: I can present on a variety of different business building topics. Representative topics include: "Unlock the Value of Your Business"; "The Five Business Dangers and What to do About Them"; "Building a ____________ (Strategic Plan; Marketing Plan; Strong workforce) for your business." I can also customize a topic to meet your needs.  

Experiences: Before AdviCoach, Bill had a 25 year career driving profitable growth and building differentiated businesses. Bill has held senior leadership positions in Marketing and Human Resources in companies such as Marriott Corporation, CIGNA and SEI Investments.  

First Name: Joseph
Last Name: Rosales
Company Title:  Owner
Company: The Customer Service Coach, LLC
Address: 560 Stokes Road, Suite 23 PBM 373
City: Medford
State: NJ
Zip: 08088
Phone:  609-953-5540
Mobile Phone: 609-760-9066
Fax: 888-470-2771
Email: jrosales23@comcast.net

Topic Description: Every business has customers and employees interacting with those customers. Put very simply...the goal of every business is to sell a product, or service to a customer. The ultimate goal of a customer coming to a business is to purchase a product, or service they have a need of. The goal of the employee is to make it easy for the customer to say yes to the transaction and purchase the products, or services they need and want. We help the business reach those mutual goals with their customers. 

Presentation Description: We offer a wide range of seminars/workshops and coaching on topics that support our clients to improve every aspect of the customer interaction...from the service the customer receives, to the sales (presentation) techniques the employees use, to tips on improving communication and increasing customer retention. Topics include training and motivating employees to provide outstanding customer service, creating a high impact retail/service environment, establishing and expertly using systems and processes that guide the customer experience, to tips and ideas on attracting more customers to your business. 

Experiences: Author of three published books on improving customer service, communications and sales. Over 300 articles published on these topics in national magazines. Member of the National Speakers Association and International Speakers Network. Speaker at conferences, conventions and corporate retreats to group sizes ranging from 20 to 2,000 people. 

First Name: Dan
Last Name: Posternock 
Company Title: Attorney 
Company: Barron & Posternock, LLP 
Address: 400 N. Church St., Suite 250 
City: Moorestown 
State: New Jersey
Zip: 08057
Phone: 856-642-6445 
Email: lsacalis@barpostlaw.com 

Topic Description: Dan's trial and litigation experience includes claims arising from real estate transactions, consumer fraud and actions brought under New Jersey's Tort Claims Act. Dan regularly handles business disputes as well as automobile negligence, premises liability and home improvement/construction claims. In addition, Dan continues his more than twenty year history of counseling real estate brokers, agents and others involved in the real estate industry. We also speak about: Business, Corporate, Commercial Law Employment Law and Civil Rights Dispute Resolution Mediation Arbitration Litigation Estate Planning Wills Trusts Estates Government Litigation/Representation  

Presentation: Listener friendly, informative, conversational discussions, with educational handouts for reference. 

Experience: Dan is a current member of the New Jersey, Camden, and Burlington County Bar Associations. He is an active participant in the Burlington County Bar Complimentary Dispute Resolution/Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee, the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators, and National Arbitration and Mediation (NAM). He also continues to serve on the Supreme Court of New Jersey?s District Ethics Committee (District III-B), the Moorestown Township Committee on Ethics and is a member of the Moorestown Business Association and the Burlington County Chamber of Commerce. 

First Name:
Last Name: Robenhymer
Company Title: Premium Director
Company: H&R Block
Address: 3 Greentree Center, Suite 101
City: Marlton
State: New Jersey
Zip: 08053
Phone: 856-983-5610
Email: annamarie.robenhymer@hrblock.com

Topic Description: End of year tax planning, record keeping, business expenses, tax credits, audit services

Presentation: Presentation will be customized to the needs of the group or organization.  Length of presentation varies from 15 minutes to 2 hours which includes time for Q&A.

Experience: 30+ years of tax preparation and tax instruction for individuals as well as corporations, partnerships, LLC's, sole proprietors, estates, trusts, and non profit organizations.

First Name:
Last Name: Tvarok
Company Title: Director of Training and Development
Company: Protocall Staffing
Address 1: One Cherry Hill
Address 2: Suite 100
City: Cherry Hill
State: NJ
Zip: 08002
Phone: 856-667-7500x124
Mobile Phone: 609-760-2971
Email: nancy@protocallstaffing.com

Topic Description: Employment Practices, Recruitment, Retention, How to Choose a Staffing Company, Behavioral Interviewing, Multigenerational Workforce Issues, FISH Philosophy (Employee Motivation Program) How to Recession Proof Your Business (Is it time to outsource your staffing?)

Presentation Description: Presentations are 30 minutes to 1 hour in length. Real world application, not just theory Include question and answer period Take away material included Provide insight from an employer, management and consultative perspective.

Experiences: 28 years of employment practices, employee training and development experience with Protocall Staffing. Associate in Marketing Degree Peirce College. Training Generalist certificate from Langevin Learning Institute Disney Training

First Name: Angelo P.  
Last Name: Butera  
Company Title: Partner
Company: Regan Young England Butera: Referendums, Engineering, Architecture, Design (aka RYEBREAD)
Address 1: 456 High St.
Address 2:
City: Mt. Holly
State: NJ
Zip: 08060
Phone: 609-265-2652
Fax: 609-265-0333
E-mail: abp@RYEBREAD.com

Topic Description: Gray + Green: Cutting through the Hype of Environmental Design

Presentation Description: These days, every building material & system claims to be green. But how do you cut through the green washing to get the best results for both the individual & the community? It's a matter of resolving apparent opposites: Initial + Life-Cycle Costs, Function + Appearance, Traditions + Trends, Exterior + Interior, Planning + Architecture. 

Experiences: Angelo P. Butera, AIA, PP, is a New Jersey Architect, Planner, & Interior Designer, as well as being licensed to practice architecture in Ohio & Pennsylvania. He has received training from the U. S. Green Building Council, and has been the Partner-in-Charge for green projects incorporating geothermal heating/cooling, advanced daylighting techniques, and recycled materials. 

First Name: Scott Charles  
Last Name: England
Company Title: Partner
Company: Regan Young England Butera: Referendums, Engineering, Architecture, Design (aka RYEBREAD)
Address 1: 456 High St.
Address 2:
City: Mt. Holly
State: NJ
Zip: 08060
Phone: 609-265-2652
Fax: 609-265-0333
E-mail: sce@RYEBREAD.com

Topic Description: CPTED: Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design 

Presentation Description: CPTED is an architectural strategy that naturally reduces the incidence and fear of crime, often at lower implementation and operational costs then more technological approaches. How can our new and existing buildings & sites be designed to be safer? 

Scott Charles England, AIA, PP, is a New Jersey Architect & Planner, as well as being licensed to practice architecture in Florida, Louisiana, & Pennsylvania. He has received training from the National Crime Prevention Bureau, and has been the Partner-in-Charge for security systems in South Jersey schools and civic buildings. 

First Name: Regan  
Last Name: Young  
Company Title: Partner
Company: Regan Young England Butera: Referendums, Engineering, Architecture, Design (aka RYEBREAD)
Address 1: 456 High St.
Address 2:
City: Mt. Holly
State: NJ
Zip: 08060
Phone: 609-265-2652
Fax: 609-265-0333
E-mail: rgy@RYEBREAD.com

Topic Description: Architecture, Planning, & Economic Development: Reinvest in your Community! 

Presentation Description: Done right, Architecture is not an expense, but an Investment. It pays dividends to this and future generations. You can create opportunity, lower operating costs, sharpen your profile and optimize human resources. Buildings & townscapes can store energy & resources. 

Regan Young, AIA, PP, is a New Jersey Architect, Planner, & Interior Designer, as well as being licensed to practice architecture in Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, New York, Ohio, & Pennsylvania. He has received training on Transect-Based Planning from Andres Duany of PlaceMakers, and has been the Partner-in-Charge for revitalization projects by both public- and private-sector Clients. 

First Name: Michael  
Last Name: Willmann
Company Title: Chairman & CEO
Company: WMSH Marketing Communications  
Address 1: 19 Chestnut St.
City: Haddonfield
State: NJ
Zip: 08033
Phone: 856-616-2886
Fax: 856-216-333
Mobile Phone: 856-278-3333 
E-mail: michaelwillmann@wmsh.com 

Topic Description: Marketing Communications: How advertising, public relations and market research work together to shape how an organization tells its story. As award-winning storytellers, our job is simple. We help our clients decide: What to say (the message), To whom to say it (the audience) How to say it (the delivery).  

Presentation Description: This is a two-hour marketing workshop that includes:  One-hour marketing boot camp, Do-it-yourself PR checklist, On-the-spot review of strategies and tactics now in use by participants, Group brainstorming session, and  Tips on cost-effective collaborations with for profit and not Business leaders need to know how to tell the story of the organizations they lead. And they have to be able to do it in a way that will be understood and appreciated by the people whose support they need.

Michael Willmann is the CEO of the award-winning advertising and public relations firm WMSH Marketing Communications. An Emmy-winning veteran of 30 years in marketing and a former TV news producer and investigative reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer, Michael has created marketing communications programs for hundreds of organizations, products and services across the country. He is a graduate of Fordham University and the University of Pennsylvania Law School.

First Name: Jay 
Last Name: Cipriani
Company Title: CEO
Company: Cipriani Builders
Address 1: 665 N. Broad Street 
City: Woodbury
State: NJ
Zip: 08096
Phone: 856-853-8398
Fax: 856-853-4808
E-mail: jalbert@ciprianibuilders.com

Topic Description: 1. Green Remodeling practices. 2. Weekend Makeovers (add curb appeal to your home) 3. The Do's and Don'ts of hiring a remodeling contractor. 4. Latest Design Trends 

Presentation Description: 1. Discusses why you should go Green. Practices that are Healthy, Efficient, & Environmentally friendly. 2. Struggling to Sell Your Home? This seminar discusses 5 Quick Tips for Improving a Home's Curb Appeal in a Down Market 3. Housing Slowdown is Swelling Ranks of Remodeling Contractors but Homeowners Should Beware of Whom They Hire and how to How to avoid becoming another bad contractor statistic. 4. Discussions about: Aging in Place, Kitchen & Bath Designs, and Exterior Colors. 

Experiences: Cipriani Builders, Inc. is a 30 year old full service professional remodeling firm founded in 1978. Designing functional living spaces has earned Cipriani Builders several awards for building and remodeling excellence. We are located in Woodbury, New Jersey at 665 North Broad St. (Route 45). Cipriani Builders has completed more than 3,000 remodeling projects in the South Jersey area. Jay Cipriani, President of Cipriani Builders, has been a speaker at numerous civic and professional organizations and lectures on the Do's and Don'ts of building and remodeling. He has been featured on home improvement shows such as the Discovery Channel's "Gimme Shelter" program. Jay has also written articles for the monthly trade magazine "Builder/Architect."

Disclaimer: The Burlington County Chamber of Commerce does not endorse the products or services of the persons / companies listed on our Speakerís Bureau. As service to the community, we are providing information on members of the Chamber who are willing to give presentations on business related matters. The Burlington County Chamber of Commerce makes no representations or warranties concerning the speakers or their presentations, products, or services.
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